About Erwin Penland

Erwin Penland SC headquarters

Our Story

Erwin Penland was founded on frustration.

Frustration felt by agency founders Joe and Gretchen Erwin and Allen Bosworth after experiencing the way larger, more established agencies attended to their clients.

In their view, collaboration, shared goals and an unrelenting passion for the client’s business came before any office politics, any office hierarchy and, frankly, any office. All of the usual distractions were forbidden to enter the doors of EP so that our focus could remain unflaggingly on our clients.

So Erwin Penland was built on inclusion, on respect and on an ethic designed to do amazing, effective work and that showed the client that their needs were paramount.

It’s very much a customer service story.

Offer a great product. Surround it with unsurpassed service. Demonstrate a true passion for what you do and how you do it. And don’t gouge.

We have amassed a hugely talented staff that extends across all disciplines and that works collaboratively with enormous effortlessness. How could we offer a claim of collaboration to clients were we not able to work well amongst ourselves?

And so we do. Our social media experts talk constantly with our traditional advertising experts, and our interactive teams speak with PR as well as account service and experiential branding. Everyone understands that because we’re in a communications business, we ought to know how to communicate with each other.

We are all engaged. All aware. And all consumed by the desire for success for our clients.

So the frustration that ignited this agency has changed into passion and prowess.

Our growth and our culture attest to that.

As do our clients’ results.

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Our Mindset

Every single day, we check it at the door and remind ourselves: It’s not really an agency you’re after. Or a killer promotion, public relations plan, or transformative brand campaign.

You’re really after meaningful growth for your business. Sales. Traffic. Measurable, sustainable results that ensure success today and well into the future.

So as accomplished as Erwin Penland is in the crafts of advertising, public relations, digital technology and experiential branding and all that stuff, we don’t think any specific disciplines should define us; our proficiency at helping you create success should.

That’s why we think of ourselves in more of a collective sense--as entrepreneurs in the communications business. Intuitive, creative, nimble and adaptable pros firmly united in an effort to conceive smart, imaginative solutions that directly impact real business challenges in a transformative way.

Purposeful in how we solve for challenges facing our Clients. Collaborative vs. linear in how we develop strategy and ideas. Resourceful in how we bring the most powerful ideas to life. There is no doubt that windows of opportunity are opening and closing faster than ever before, and it is our charge to be ready for those moments so we may consistently help create success for each and every one of our clients.

Our Clients