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Ultimately, you want your customers to DO something. To take action. To buy what you have to offer. To advocate for you over and over again—and feel really good about it every single time.

But for that to happen, we believe you have to recognize the engagement between a Brand and its Audience for what it truly is: A relationship. A lively, spirited, ever-evolving series of interactions, each of which have cumulative impact on that relationship’s ability to thrive.

Interactions that Inspire Action.

That’s what we create here at Erwin Penland. Interactions appropriate for the time, personalities, situation and expectations of the audience. And in every relationship, we believe there are four distinct types:

  1. Passive Interaction — Contrary to popular belief, consumers don’t necessarily always want to have a “conversation” with brands. Sometimes they just want to hear what you have to say. When are those times? What are the appropriate messages?
  2. Participatory Interaction — Sometimes consumers need validation or want to share their knowledge about you with others. They make statements, ask questions, seek answers. When and how should you facilitate discussion?
  3. Physical Interaction — In the store, in everyday life consumers are engaging directly with your brand—seeing it, touching it, feeling it. Is that experience consistent with what you’ve been saying?
  4. Personal Interaction — Consumers have committed to your product, given you their immediate loyalty. Are you doing the things you have to do, saying the things you need to say to keep the relationship fresh?

There are now hundreds of ways to engage consumers—from traditional advertising to social marketing to geo-targeting—and the options keep expanding. But let’s face it. The challenge today isn’t just about maximizing vehicles, it’s about choosing the right ones.

This Interaction Planning Process helps eliminate some of that guesswork. It focuses planning around the foundations of relationship communication rather than taking a traditional, linear approach of message-target-medium. It allows you to custom-build dynamic, interactions from the ground up that are not only relevant, they build on the future by being appropriate for the moment.

Growth. Sales. Traffic. Measurable, sustainable results. Success is the only option. You need an approach that can give you greater assurance in the validity of your marketing investment—confidence in the tools you select, and stronger resolve for your decision to leave a few tactics on the table.

We’re ready.